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10 Ways You Can Practice Random Acts of Networking Kindness

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

CBS | WCCO TV recently interviewed Teresa Thomas on tips for spreading Networking Kindness (click here or image to view). Please scroll down the page for the full list.

"When we shine a light on others, it reflects back to us." - Teresa Thomas

This list was originally posted in November of 2015. It was featured in the Minnesota Women's Press, January 2016 and the ideas still apply today. We can all use more kindness in our lives!

Attendees laughing at Teresa Thomas' book signing. Photo credit: Laine Torres Photography
Attendees connecting at Teresa's Win/Win Networking book launch. Photo credit: Laine Torres Photography

November 13 is World Kindness Day. Here are easy and inexpensive (most are free!) ways you can spread networking kindness with your connections: 1. Post a positive review or testimonial for someone you know who has a great product or service (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook business page, Yelp)

2. When someone posts on social media that they are seeking a recommendation, recommend your favorite service provider and tag their business page or list their URL.

3. Support artisans and small businesses within your network. When purchasing gifts, think about who in your network you could purchase from (e.g. artist, crafter, musician, author, boutique…).

4. Comment on and share your favorite blogposts and articles written by those in your network and help them to get their message out into the world.

5. Send a handwritten card expressing appreciation.

6. Mail a $5 coffee card to a connection just because you feel like it.

7. Contact someone to let them know what positive impact they made on you and how you are carrying it forward.

8. For the people you know who are seeking employment: Take some time to think about whether you know anyone who may be hiring for their desired position and pass along job leads.

9. Call a client and simply say thank you for the pleasure of doing business with them.

10. When you introduce people in your network to each other, share something you really appreciate about each person (beyond their name and job title).

What random act of networking kindness will you do today?

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