Connecting people, possibilities and purpose.

Win Win Connects delivers programs, experiences, and tools that enhance connections between people, unleash personal and professional potential and align effort with purpose - creating greater satisfaction and enriched performance in business and in life


50 Fun Things inspires and brings joy! With the action-oriented 50 Fun Things program, participants identify 50 things they want to experience and achieve - personally and professionally. Results: individual accomplishments, satisfaction and growth; positive organizational impact on culture, teams and bottom line.


Teresa Thomas is an award-winning speaker, facilitator, author of Win-Win Networking and 50 Fun Things: Enjoy The Small Things, and creator of the 50 Fun Things experience. She has facilitated hundreds of networking events, presented for countless groups and helped thousands to connect and grow.


WIN WIN Networking offers experiences and resources for intentional networking that is not only a business skill, but also life skill. Whether in-person or virtually - meaningful, effective and confident networking is an essential skill-set that factors into individual and organizational success.


Teresa inspires, elevates and connects people through an impressive mix of leadership, empathy and authenticity.  Whether it's creating clarity and fun in your 50 Fun Things, connecting to your passion and your people through inspiring Win/Win Connection, or otherwise expanding your horizons, your guide on the side should be Teresa Thomas!

— Nancy Maxfield Wilson, MS, MA

Change Leader and Resilience Scientist